Special Package Delivery Services (SPDS) Co Ltd focuses in embracing world-class practices in the Department of Human Resources. Business will only achieve its fast- growth potential if you attract , motivate and retain the best people , and if you deploy those people in the right place, at the right time. Our HR specialists have worked exceptionally well in the growth and development of smarter workforce.

We focus on delivering an HR strategy aligned with strategic objectives, innovative solutions and market conditions. We believe that human resource development is the key to an engaged, skilled and motivated workforce, essential to an individual growth, business success and national development.

We would like to grant you an opportunity and would like to welcome you if you have the inclination to grow and be a part of Aero Family.

During the last few years we have witnessed exceptional growth in business volumes and services. Being a part of the organization, we would give you the opportunity to contribute to an empowering growth as well as to be a part of renowned clan, which believes success of a company is driven only through dedication, expertise and satisfied employees.